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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Southbound Marvel Travel

Feeling lonely? Say goodbye to boredom this summer and direct your immovable feet into wanderlust buddy. A handpick of Cebu’s preferred destination to rejuvenate oneself. Worthwhile and simple places in queue to bombard you with more energy and fun.


Reserved the first adventure in excitement with a sneak peek at the Virgin Island in Bantayan,. Geared with fancy swimwear, let those unhealthy fats and as well the feeling coldness and indifference get burned under the scorching heat of the sun. Try burying those sensitive skin in the white sands for a free massage. The beach might lose its virginity for causing the temptation. So you better indulge the sea at the sight of the scenery below and above the surface and keep your head held up high against the fresh sea breeze on the island hopping.


Danasan Eco Adventure Park is located in Danao, approximately 1.5 hours drive from Cebu City proper. It offers a variety of activities and adventures such as zip lining, horseback riding, waterfalls exploring, caving, trekking, rapelling, wakeboarding, rope course, ATV, off-road trailing, and many more. Riding on the big-wheeled truck is a joyride in the open field. The mud will scream the hell out of you and the greener pasture is just perfect spot for the muddy firing squad. Get wet and be cleansed with skiing by seizing the day after every fall. There’s a lot more to go so always keep the balance.


Nothing could ever beat the time spent with the Lord. Asking blessings from the above almighty to guide you on the upcoming journey is simply amazing. Apart from the serene hall, meaningful portraits that depict Cebu’s history were hanged on walls. Jot down and update your historical background of Cebuano’s traditions and customs. After such informational walk, it’s all worth it.


Oops. We're going southbound! Looking for another thrill? Check out the exciting rides at Kasadya sa SRP. Scream at the top of your lungs when you ride the horror train, galactic or ferris wheel, or take that much-deserved selfie at the swing ride! Time to let go of heavy emotions therein by hitting boogie man’s annoying face with multiple packs of ice water. Venting out one’s feeling is a healthy emotional exercise good for the heart.

What are you waiting for? Get out of the comfort zone. Rise and Shine. Explore with friends and enjoy the frolicsome summer this year!

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