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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Taken by Jars: Desserts in a Jar Cebu

For people who love hosting parties and intimate gatherings, one of the most effective way of impressing your guests is the finale a.k.a. desserts! For those who are comfortable experimenting in the kitchen, a simple Google search can give you hundreds, if not thousands, of amazing recipes you can try making at home. But how about those who don’t have the time to experiment? Or those who lacked talent?

 Well, here’s your option --- desserts in a Jar by Dawna of Taken by Jars!

Taken by Jars is a backyard project of Dawna Enriquez which she started December last year. They offer these very pretty and yummy desserts in a jar which makes very good gift ideas for your love ones. Hint: February 14 ;)

The desserts in a jar are available in 4 classic flavors: Oh Oreo!, Very Strawberry, True Blueberry, and Into the Blackforest.

Everything is hand-crafted with love by Dawna herself and are certified delicious! These classic flavors are also available as dessert shots. Perfect for parties and dessert buffets! I highly recommend their blue berry cheesecake.

From left to right: strawberry cheesecake, black forest, and oreo cheesecake shots 
For the whole month of February, they are also offering their Chocollection desserts in a jar. A different twist to our favorite chocolates!

You can follow@takenbyjars on your favorite social media for updates and exciting promos! Price guide and contact details are found below:

Classic FlavorsSnack (4 oz)Small (8 oz)Big (10 oz)30 shots (1 oz/shot)
Oh Oreo!75100150500
Very Strawberry80140190600
True Blueberry90150200700
Into the Blackforest100190240N/A

*Assorted shots (A choice of berry flavors or all 3): P800 (30 shots)

The Chocollection
Snack (4 oz)
Small (8 oz)
Big (10 oz)
30 shots (1 oz/shot)
Super Maltesers
Snicker Fever
More S’mores
Ooh lala, Nutella
*Promo until the end of February 2015: P275 each for all Chocollection flavors

Other details:

Shelf life: 5-7 days when refrigerated
Minimum quantity: 2 jars/order, no minimum for The Chocollection
Lead time: 3 days
Delivery: Pickup at our place in Banawa or Scheduled meetups only, agreed between the owner and buyer.

Contact details:

Mobile: 0922 398 2709
Facebook: /takenbyjars
Twitter/Instagram: @takenbyjars

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