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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Organizing a Fun Run? Take Your Registration Online with!

Alongside the rise of the BPO industry in Cebu is the increased number of running and sports enthusiasts. From fun runs to marathons, from casual MTB rides with friends to full blast triathlon, there seemed to be an abundance of race in the Queen City of the South every weekend. As one of those who recently caught the running bug, I was ecstatic when I learned about new startup which officially launched last May.

What is it is an online registration and payment system designed for fun runs, marathons, triathlons, and other similar events in the Philippines. Basically, instead of chasing mall/office hours just to sign-up for an event, makes the whole process more convenient by giving organizers the ability to create a website (in minutes) for their race and accept online payments. It was designed with the working class in mind.

While there are already existing online registration systems in place which are typically via Google Form or email, is different because there is very little human intervention required on the part of the organizers particularly when confirming registrations.

Aside from offering web-based registrations, the website also serves as a portal listing upcoming races arranged chronologically.

It's not a revolutionary technology or a new idea, but somebody ought to do it and finally it's here.
How it works

Users can browse for any upcoming running events on the home page and find something that interests them or fits their schedule.

To register for an event, users need to create a login account. They can register by email or choose to register with their Facebook account. Choosing Facebook registration will make the form partially filled with the user's Facebook information. Just complete the required details, indicate your payment method, click register and voila, instant confirmation!

The registration form for each event is conveniently located on the right hand side.

Runners can pay via Credit Card, Pay Pal, bank deposit or even through money remittance services. They can even opt to have their race kits delivered to their door steps!

Runner's information is saved so that the next time they register for another race, the registration form is prefilled for them.

Here's a great explainer video about

For every event powered by, a sub-site will be created which organizers can use to promote their event. On that page, users can find all essential information about the race. Organizers will be given access to the back end dashboard so they can manage and see real-time registration details. There is even a feature to export registration data to serve as master list.

Learn more about managing your running event through the video below.

Extra features

Organizers as well as other users can upload photos of the event so runners can view their pictures and will be able to search for them using their race bib number. There is also a blogging feature so runners can share their thoughts and experiences with everyone.

Proudly Cebuano is the brainchild of two Cebuanos Paul Ouano and Aaron Lee, who both share a passion for running. The service is currently offered for FREE so take your registration online now!

For inquiries, you can email them through or via mobile +639338602042. Don't forget to give them some love on Facebook and Twitter!

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