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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tech Geek Cebu-based Communities You Can Join

This blog post goes out to all the technology nerds and geeks out there.

If you are into any of the following --- blogging, social media, SEO, freelancing, and startups --- chances are, you are having a difficult time explaining to your family and friends what you do for a living. The unconventional nature of what we do is difficult for others to understand despite the world being so high tech now.

Anyway, if you are looking for like minded people who geeks out on the same things that you love, or you just want to surround yourself with awesome people, you might like this list of Tech Geek Cebu-based Communities.

SEO Cebu Facebook Group

There are a couple of SEO Facebook groups in Cebu but this particular group by far is the most active with 663 members as of this writing. Have some SEO related questions? A lot of people here are willing to help you.

Cebu PPC Folks

Another internet marketing community in Cebu that is very active in terms of meetups. The main objective of the group is to increase knowledge and mastery of PPC and related areas like analytics, conversion optimization, etc.

Google Business Group - Cebu

GBG Cebu is an independent community of volunteer business owners and Google enthusiasts that promote the use of web technologies (Google technologies in particular) for eCommerce. It is not part of Google, but supported by them. If you want to learn how to make use of Google tools for your business, this group is for you.

Google Developers Group - Cebu

GDG-Cebu is a sister organization of GBG-Cebu composed of both amateurs and professionals (technology users, specialists and developers) who are enthusiasts and regular users of Google technologies such as Gmail, Google+, YouTube, etc. Get updated with the latest Google tools for personal, professional, or business growth through this community. - Cebu and Beyond

Anyone who is interested in technology and promoting the high-tech industry in Cebu, Philippines (and beyond) is welcome here. The group hosts events that will allow people to, network with tech enthusiasts and their friends, learn new things and share ideas, make social and business connections.

Drupal Philippines (Cebu)

Drupal developers, users and anyone who is interested to learn, share knowledge and collaborate with local community is welcome in this group. I haven't been any of their Meetups but the groups are pretty active. If you are looking to build a career in Drupal development, check out this group.

Cebu WordPress Users Group

If you are looking for WordPress work, some of the members post job postings here. The group is not that engaging both online and offline but if you need help, you can share your questions here and some members are willing to help you out.

Computer Enthusiasts & Builders United

"CEBU or “Computer Enthusiasts and Builders United” is a non-profit Computer Group / LAN Party group consisting of computer hardware enthusiasts, gamers, modders and overclockers in Cebu, Philippines. The group originated from’s Computer Hardware group, first called “iRig”, made by its active forum members, discussions and readers."

These are the active tech geeks in Cebu that I know of. If you have anything to add in this list, please do share in the comments section below.

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