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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Efficient, Hard-Working Cloud Networks

Internet usage has gone from being an astonishing feat of technology that amazed its users to being viewed as an everyday, mundane tool that is annoying if it isn’t up and running as preferred. Workers expect their company’s files and applications to be easily accessed and ready at the click of a button or mouse.

Plenty of network companies promise their service connectivity is superior to others. They claim that your virtual private network (VPN) will be more efficient with their product. What you need is a product or service that acts like a local area network (LAN) in the cloud, such as the hardware-free Pertino cloud network.

When searching for a service that supplies an efficient network, look for one that does the networking for you. Let them be the ones to enter all the data like IP addresses and security certificates, or constructing firewall routes and rules. They should also ensure connectivity between all your devices, including full mobile access. Full mobile access will increase productivity while not keeping your workers tied to their desks.

Another feature is a company that can offer their service over your existing equipment without having to install new hardware devices. The quicker you can get your network running at full speed, the greater your productivity and revenue will add up.

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