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Friday, November 22, 2013

If You Are An LOTR / The Hobbit Fan, You Will Surely Love This Middle Earth Interactive Map From Google

My boyfriend is a LOTR and The Hobbit fanboy so when the Google Chrome team announced their latest Chrome experiment, Journey Through Middle-Earth, I got excited.

It is an interactive map inspired by the upcoming motion picture, "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug", the second installment for The Hobbit series.

Through it, you can explore the different places in Middle-Earth, learn some trivia, relive moments from the first movie, and other interactive components.

As of this writing, you can explore Trollshaw Forrest, Rivendell, and Dol Guldur. The other three, Thranduil's Hall, Lake-Town, and Erebor, are still unlocked and will be activated in the coming weeks.

In Trollshaw Forrest, you can become Bilbo and do your best to escape from the three trolls, William, Bert, and Tom.

My favorite part was exploring Rivendell. The experience was magical while Dol Guldur was very scary.

The map has immerse 3D graphics built with CSS3 and WebGL. It also boasts rich audio effects and sound manipulation. Turn your speakers into full volume and you will get goose bumps.

The great thing about this interactive 3D map is that it is optimized for mobile viewing. But I haven't tried viewing it on my phone due to lack of wifi connection. :D

If you want to start your adventure and journey through middle-earth, just head on over to http://middle-earth.thehobbit.com/.

Just in case you are having issues viewing the map due to machine performance or internet connectivity, below are some screenshots.

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended when making the screenshots. Under Fair Usage Publication. For information purposes only. If violation has been made by me, please contact me through this blog so I can take it down. Thank you.

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