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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chowking 2013 Planner Review

My notebooks are my treasures. Memo pads, stationery, planners I love them all. Even if I always say that I hate writing (when its a task :P) I love scribbling random thoughts no matter how late the time is and jotting down note-worthy notes. For two years now I have been trying too get a Starbucks planner but still unsuccessful so I was happy when I found that Chowking also offers their own planner.

The planner has a very simple design, the size and thickness is similar to that of an ordinary notebook used for school. It comes in two colors: red and yellow.

Its not as extravagant as Starbucks' but if a reliable organizer is what you are after this does the job well. Personally, I love that it is lightweight. I carry a lot of things when I go out and the last thing I need is a bulky notebook.

Red Chowking 2013 Planner
Another feature that I love is how the calendar pages are arranged, one full spread per month. Of course they're in chronological order, but in between months there is a separate "notes" section.

This is perfect for me especially that I will have to undergo chemotherapy this 2013 --- it will be much easier to keep track of the sessions. 

Another good thing is that it is very easy to avail. You can get if for free when you order 2 lauriat meals or for 25 pesos when you order just 1 lauriat meal.

Other extra features include:
- 2013 Chinese Horrorscope (for the Feng Shui fans)
- 2013 National Holidays
- Vacation Planner
- Philippine Area Codes
- International Dialing Codes
- Contact List
- List of Chowking Stores
- Conversion Tables and Metrics.

More pictures can be found on my Google+ album.

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